Young Engineers Programme Graduation

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On Monday, 19th February, our Young Engineers graduated from their 12 week programme. Their hard work and perseverance paid-off as they were invited into Themis, along with their families, to receive their certificates.

The unique 12 week programme is aimed at providing young people with the experience they need to begin a career in engineering. Successful applicants will gain outstanding experience from top local employers, including WEC, Safran Nacelles (Formerly Aircelle), Hycrome, Paradigm Precision, RLC Callender, T & R Precision, SACO Specialist Anodising, The Senator Group, Fort Vale and more! 

Nicky Wright, from Paradigm Precision came to present the awards:

"It's great to see so many young people engaged and proud of their work. The Young Engineers Programme really is a fantastic opportunity for students, as it helps them to prepare for their future career with leading employers such as ourselves; Paradigm applicants who have taken part in the Young Engineers Programme often have more knowledge and experience than many other applicants. It was a great experience, presenting the Young Engineers with their awards tonight, I would like to wish them all the best for their future."

- Nicky Wright,  Human Resource Director – International Operations, Paradigm Precision (Burnley)

For twelve weeks, our outstanding tutors work alongside prestigious engineering employers to teach programme members about each industry area, including:

•           Aerospace engineering

•           Manufacturing

•           Fabrication and welding

•           Maintenance

•           Design

"The Young Engineers Programme is an extremely valuable and rewarding course which gives students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help secure a successful career as an apprentice in engineering. As a Young Engineer the year 11 students have gained valuable experience and met with members of the industry which hopefully has put them streets ahead when looking at starting their career in Engineering

This certificate giving event has been a great opportunity for parents to see what the students have created and learnt during their time here with us. Our training staff have worked closely with these students over the past three months and it is a great privilege to see them graduating with such pride.

Many of these students (88%) have applied for places on courses and apprenticeships here with us and we wish them all the best during their interview process."

- Neil Burrows (Head of Engineering)



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