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As an English participant in this European Summer School, it only seems right to start off this post with a complaint about the rainy weather.

You might argue that I should be used to it, but the torrential downpour meant that our afternoon of canoeing, which I was really looking forward to, had to be cancelled and that left me pretty grumpy. Instead we visited a massive cathedral with beautiful carvings and stained glass windows, and then we visited an art museum displaying locally made tapestries. The guide gave us a demonstration of the technique used to create the beautiful tapestries and offered for us to have a go. I decided I was better off watching. Then we ate pizza together at a small Italian restaurant and chatted all together. Luckily I'm already making friends, and we were discussing our favourite words in other languages. Mine is the German word for gloves: handschuhe, because why make a new word for them when you could just call them hand shoes? Brilliant. However, the best part of the day wasn't planned. It was, of course, the World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil, and with a whole bunch of lovely Germans with us at the Summer School, all of us were supporting Germany that night. We crammed into a tiny room with a tiny screen and waited. The atmosphere was incredible. The room was swimming in different languages, but despite the chaos everyone was cheering and laughing and enjoying the match together. Of course, the buzz was helped along by the unstoppable Germans and their unbelievable performance - I can't even count in German to the number of goals they scored! But before I inadvertently turn this into a football blog, I will summarise and say that it was incredible that in that room it didn't matter where you were from or what language you spoke - there was a mutual appreciation and excitement between people. Sorry to get soppy, but I actually found that quite touching! And on that note... I'm off to bed. Bon nuit, Catherine
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