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My trip to France for the European Summer School has come around fast.

Things tend to sneak up on you like that when the last 2 months have been solely dedicated to exam mania and 4000 characters of brain soup (or as UCAS calls them, personal statement drafts). And seeing as I'm about to spend two weeks abroad with a limited number of English speakers, I decided to meet up with the only other Summer School participant from Pendle, (and fellow Burnley College student) Stacey, and get acquainted. I'm not planning on going the whole two weeks without making any friends, and an hour long plane journey is probably not the best time to first meet me - I get super grumpy with the air pressure. So we decided to meet up over a coffee at a well known coffee shop chain in Burnley (OK it was Costa). There were a strange couple of minutes where we had to Facebook message the colour of our coats and where we were sat before we worked out who was who and sat down with our coffees. I'm saying coffee, but it turns out we already share something in common: apparently neither of us are grown up enough for the refined tastes of coffee or tea and instead opted for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Yum. I was nervous about whether we were going to get along and whether I would find anything interesting to talk about but we had a fun conversation and found out some more things in common: being clumsy enough to crack our phones and being terrible at getting a tan, but also something majorly different between us - Stacey is an organisational tank. She's already started packing, I'm not even sure if my bikini still fits. I have a feeling there will be a bit of a BBC Sherlock thing going on with us both. Her being Sherlock and getting stuff done and being prepared, and me being John and helping out a bit but mainly just being awkward and blogging about it. Either way, Burnley's only consulting detective team still has no idea on what to present as a traditional song of our country. Any ideas are really extremely welcome on that. Providing the people from the other countries have a few more ideas than us, it should be really interesting to hear their stories about the history of their areas. All of us attending the programme, from England, Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy, have been asked to bring some documents or pictures to serve as a base of discussion about our region in the last century. If I'm honest, I can't wait to hear all the personal home town stories about towns so far away from my own home, especially over such a significant time period. I need to get together some ideas of my own, I can't wait to get started. But before I start organising a Lancashire show-and-tell, I should probably follow Stacey's advice and organise my suitcase...
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