Creative Students Work With Industry Professional

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Creative Students Work With Industry Professional

The students started the project a couple of weeks ago attending a workshop at Preston UCLAN Media Factory and their first choreographic session last Wednesday here at Burnley College. Yesterday, they had a choreography intensive yesterday to create the work and will have further sessions in preparation for the performance early next year.

The students are from Advanced Level Dance, Advanced Vocational Dance, Advanced Vocational Performing Arts Years 1 and 2; the project is called Breaking the Code: Crypto-Choreography.

Breaking the Code: Crypto-Choreography will be an interactive and immersive project - focussed on exploring the work done by cryptographers of the First World War (FWW).

Aided by heritage specialists and using archived historical information, young people will learn about key individuals in the FWW that used encryption and decryption as a means to not only keep our secrets safe, but also decipher enemy communiqués, thus equipping the allied forces with vital Intel on German movements.

Through a series of heritage learning days and intensive choreographic workshops led by the heritage specialists and supported by the lead artists, the young people will learn about simple ciphers, such as the transposition, substitution and block cipher types.

With support, the young people will use their new found knowledge on simple cipher types to make, encrypt, transmit and decrypt information between one another over the internet to construct an innovative piece of dance theatre.  

Once completed the piece will be performed at the Media Factory in Preston.  For online audiences and those willing to crack the code and gain access, the event will also be live streamed and later uploaded to other online sites.

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