Guest Speaker Skye Shadowlight Amazes Audience in Burnley

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Students were left amazed today after Skye Shadowlight's inspiring and insightful lecture. Skye discussed her own experiences of autism and the triumphs and tribulations her daughter has faced with the disability. Demonstrating how art can be the key to overcoming issues with disability and childhood trauma, this lecture was truly remarkable. 

Skye's work reflects the struggles people can face, even in today's world, with disability and isolation. Using a number of different mediums, Shadowlight's work left a great impression on students; this transpired in the Q&A which followed the lecture, as students on university courses at Burnley College asked a range of questions and shared stories of their own experiences. 

The aim of this presentation was to promote inclusion and the reduction of anxiety, particularly within young people. This gave the audience an insight into the power of art therapy and how it can help us to understand and overcome issues with disability and childhood trauma.

Skye Shadowlight has left students both inspired and motivated to hold these values and lessons in high esteem. 

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