How to write a winning Themis Inspire and Achieve awards nomination

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How to write a winning Themis Inspire and Achieve awards nomination

Awards nomination writing can be difficult to get started. You might know that your organisation or Apprentice truly deserves a gong, but outlying the specifics can be confusing.

We asked the judges of this year’s Themis Inspire and Achieve Awards what turns their head or piques their interest when they’re reading an awards entry. Their answers will help you to write the best nomination you’ve ever submitted – that’s a promise.

Open strong, keep it clear

“One of the biggest turn-offs for a judge who’s reading hundreds of entries is a laboured introduction,” says one of our Themis judges. “For me, the best starting point is always a powerful first paragraph outlining everything the company or individual wants to shout about, setting the scene and even telling a story about why they deserve my time and attention.”

Additionally, it’s always best practice to keep acronyms and industry jargon to a minimum. “The way you talk in industry is second nature to you and your colleagues, but for a judge from a completely different industry, it’s highly distracting. Keep it simple and clear and let your achievements shine through.”

Answer the questions

You’d think this was obvious, but it bears repeating! Our head judge says: “It’s easy to get carried away with including facts, figures and company background, but don’t forget you have specific issues to address. If you feel you’re straying off into unknown territory, it’s possible you’ve wandered too far from the initial question. Re-read and re-evaluate.”

The language in each question can also give you pointers as to what your answers are supposed to include. “Keywords like “success”, “achievement”, “innovation” and “progression” are there to guide you towards outlining a specific outcome. Lean with them, not against them!

It’s all about the bottom line

“Great awards nominations include clear-cut evidence,” says another judge from our panel. “The achievements and success that you’re shouting about will have had an impact on your business growth or progression, so ensure you include the hard evidence that supports your statements.”

Stand out from the crowd

How are the achievements you’re writing about different? That’s a number one way of slipping your nomination to the top of the pile, says a Themis judge. “Were the achievements you’re writing about an industry first? Has the hard work or development you’re outlining provided your organisation with a blueprint for how future projects can be done? Has it changed your organisation for the better?”


Some final points:

  • Proofread, proofread, proofread
  • Don’t copy and paste from PRs or web content – the judges can tell
  • Give yourself enough time to write a great nomination
  • Tell a good story – your achievements speak for themselves. Let them.

Themis wants to know how organisations have shone in East Lancashire, and are welcoming nominations that truly showcase the exciting achievements of local and regional business and enterprise that Themis works with. The deadline for nomination entries is Friday 30 June 2017.

This year’s categories include:

  • Intermediate Apprentice Award
  • Advanced Apprentice Award
  • Young Engineer Award
  • Skills and Apprenticeship Award (Small)
  • Skills and Apprenticeship Award (Medium)
  • Skills and Apprenticeship Award (Large)
  • One to Watch Award
  • Judges’ Choice Award

Visit http://www.burnley.ac.uk/Themis-Awards-Inspire-and-Achieve for more information.

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