Simon Jordan's Blog - February 2016

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Simon Jordan's Blog - February 2016

Automation tech for a lazier more productive tomorrow

The world of wearables and automated technology is an incredible, endless resource of creativity and great ideas. From the ingenious to the completely ridiculous, if there’s something you want to track, complete, be reminded of or enhance, there’s almost definitely something you can wear that’ll help make your goals easier to achieve. I’ve started marathon training with a vengeance, and my current progress is being tracked, monitored and optimised with pep-giving progress reports by my Garmin Forerunner. A futuristic version of the 1990’s pedometer, it tracks my heart rate, distance travelled, speed, steps, activity progress and it even reminds me to get up out of my chair if I’ve been sedentary for more than an hour. I’m using it in conjunction with Strava, a social network built for competitive athletes (which I suppose includes myself now, at a stretch) and it’s working brilliantly to motivate me. There are ways to automate your life further than simply regulating your exercise regime though. Mark Zuckerberg famously only has one style of outfit for work, a work uniform, to eliminate the distraction of choice and give him more time in the morning to think about more important things. Even Einstein used to avoid haircuts and socks, claiming both were idiotic wastes of good thinking time. The awesome power of IFTTT is outstanding when it comes to automating your daily actions. From automatically uploading documents to Google Drive, to saving photos from your phone to the cloud, schedule recurring to-do lists with barely a tap…even teach your phone to automatically let your family know when you’re heading home from the office. Its uses are varied and range from the incredibly useful to the strange, but if you’ve ever used an app and thought “there must be an easier way,” you can guarantee IFTTT has solved it. Amazon Dash has begun to be rolled out across the US and it’s probably the most disruptive tech ever to grace homes over there. At the touch of a Dash ($4.99 each, free to set up as long as you have WiFi and an Amazon Prime account) you can re-order your most frequent purchases. From washing powder to nappies, you’ll never have to think about buying the most boring items in the world again. How much time over your life will this save? In the UK while you wait for Dash you can use Subscribe & Save from Amazon, which runs on a schedule you set up to order your most-purchased items – it also gives you a bit of a saving too, which is always a bonus. Ocado run a similar initiative called Reserved, enabling a repeat shop to be delivered to your home on a set recurring date, negating your need to ever think about toilet rolls and disposable razors again. Einstein would have loved it.

Get motivated

Our launch edition of Themis Careers was a big hit with local Apprentices and in schools around East Lancashire and thanks to all the positive feedback from teachers, trainers and students we’ve been able to create a brand new magazine full of interesting and useful information that our Apprentices and Applicants really want to read. One article I enjoyed was the “Get Motivated” piece, take a look at some of the tips below. simon jordan I’m already taking up the first challenge (as I’ve already mentioned), but the rest seem like great ideas that are all completely doable over the next few months. Why not get your team involved in pursuing some of these goals?

Digital Conference for Local Enterprise

“Ignorance isn’t bliss, its oblivion.” An article from Inc.com resurfaced on my LinkedIn timeline recently and it chimed perfectly with some conversations I’d been having about digital channels and technology within SMEs. Far from a nice-to-have resource for local business, digital channels have become a necessary and integral part of every SME’s growth and continued success within the region. As I spoke about last month, East Lancashire has experienced some of the highest uptake in high-speed broadband for businesses in the country, but this is only the start. As more local employers begin to reap the benefits of truly embracing digital, it is inevitable that others must follow. Our Digital Conference will be held on Thursday 21 April and will be the ultimate opportunity to discover what digital can do for your business – even if you already embrace digital, even if you’ve begun to plan ahead to include digital channels in your strategy and especially if you think digital isn’t in your organisation’s interests. “To paraphrase Yoda: it’s not about "trying," half-heartedly, to find the information; it's about doing it with a vengeance. To remain competitive in today's economy your team needs to know where to look and how to find the right answers fast. Because you can be sure that someone else is right behind you looking over your shoulder for the same advantage.” Read the full article here.

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