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When you're contacting employers as a first time Apprentice, you will need a set of reliable references to strengthen your application. But what if you don't have a reference?

reference If you're looking for an Apprenticeship but you're at the start of your career, it might be difficult for you to think of relevant references to back-up your applications. There are things you can do to help gain that all-important first step into employment however, and catch future employers attention with a little creative thinking and a lot of enthusiasm.

Use Your Educational References

If you're looking for an Apprenticeship job and you've recently left school or College, you might not be aware that your previous trainers, careers advisers or even teachers can provide a reference for you. Choose somebody who worked closely with you and can testify to your hard work, perseverance and participation. Make sure you speak to your tutors or teachers before you include them as a reference and let them know how you get on after their references have been used.

Provide a Personal Character Reference

Employers are keen to hear about what you are like as a person and believe it or not, personal references are treated with just as much importance as professional ones. Make sure you choose a family friend, neighbour or member of your community who knows you and is respected in their field (for example, a local business owner, doctor or member of a community group). Make sure the person you ask knows that you need them to speak about what you're like as a person, you accomplishments and your values. It shouldn't be too personal and should focus on you as a professional person.

Include Volunteer or Community Work References

Do you or have you been a volunteer? Perfect! Volunteering is the perfect way to showcase your skills and any volunteer group leader you have worked with should be able to provide you with a reference to back up your hard work. Make sure you ask beforehand if you can use their details and ensure that you are grateful for any input they have - as a busy volunteer, their time will be extremely precious.

Remember: The Themis team are here to help you!

If you're having trouble putting your CV together or you need a little extra guidance on the type of things you should be including in your cover letters, drop in to the Themis office on the Ground Floor of Burnley COllege, Princess Way, Burnley and the team will be happy to help you get you off to a flying start.
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