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Mechanical Engineers - jobs of the future need Apprentices of the future!

  mechanical engineer jobs  

(Image taken from the Govt.uk Careers of the Future site)

  The government has just released information on the careers which will shape Great Britain in the coming years. Mechanical engineer jobs are set to increase dramatically over the next five years, and with current lack of engineering talent to fill the skills gap the UK could be looking at a loss of £26 billion to the economy. How will they solve this crisis? By employing more mechanical engineers of course! Taking on an Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start your engineering career. You'll train and study as well as working and learning skills with a real employer, right where you want to be from the start. You don't just have to study at College too - day release courses are a popular option for Apprentices who want to work and learn at the same time, but Apprenticeships with trainers who visit the workplace are also available, especially to Apprentices who work at distances away from College.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is key to the UK economy, with British engineers at the forefront of designing everything from better forms of green energy and zero emission engines to the latest breed of nuclear power stations. It’s a highly skilled profession but has multiple entry routes. Much of the work as a mechanical engineer is highly technical – ranging from turning research ideas into technical plans, using computer aided design/modelling programs, to carrying out surveys of mechanical systems and equipment to see if they’re working properly, to overseeing maintenance programmes and quality control. The working week is typically around 40 hours, and workers may well be based on site as much as in the office. But this is a job that is likely to involve some shift work and extra hours to meet (typically non-movable) deadlines. More flexible working patterns are becoming increasingly common, however. In return, though, the reward is above-average pay, and significant opportunities to progress, either into senior engineering posts or leadership positions as a director, or outside the sector in mainstream business project management, logistics or procurement. Consultancy and freelance careers can also be forged by those with good networking skills and with strong professional track records.

What’s hot in this sector:

  • Mechatronics – a design process that combines mechanical, electronic and other engineering disciplines, with applications in fields such as robotics
  • European and global agreements on more energy efficient technology are creating demand for new engineering solutions
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which allows companies to manage the lifecycle of a product
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