Meet Emily, she's using her Apprenticeship to #getingofar

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Emily Stubbs has been a Modern Apprentice at Burnley College for 12 months. Here's a #getingofar insight into what her work is like.

Working within the Burnley College Business Admin team and also working closely with Events Management, Emily's role as a Modern Apprentice is hugely varied. From helping to create floor plans for College events to monitoring her own administration workload, Business Admin is rarely close to that image of endless mail Franking and tea-making. Apprenticeships like Emily's give a real insight into what working life is really like and as well as giving her the skills and confidence to work in a busy work environment, it has also enabled her to earn as she learns. That's how you #getingofar! Get In Go Far I am Emily Stubbs and I work for Burnley College Sixth Form Centre as a Modern Apprentice. I studied at Bowland High School and an Apprenticeship at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre was the perfect next step for me. I can see a future for myself at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre as they offer great opportunities for me to grow within the organisation.

A day in the life of Emily Stubbs

Get In Go Far   It's the start of the day and here I am undertaking my daily tasks and planning the day ahead making sure I am organised for all the events which require my involvement. Get In Go Far In this picture I'm going over the final arrangements of the night's event and making adjustments to seating and stand/banner spacing where needed. Get In Go Far As the event was taking place, I noticed that the promotional items were running low so I took responsibility of making sure each area was re-stocked. Get In Go Far During the event I was asked to give some information and advice on the Apprenticeship programme I am currently undertaking to a visiting student. Want to learn more about Emily's role at Burnley College? Watch the video below and learn more about how Apprenticeships can really help you kick-start your career (and help you to #GetInGoFar).
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