Dementia Awareness Week

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Dementia Awareness Week

To commemorate Dementia Awareness Week, Helen Saunders, a tutor at Burnley College held talks on Dementia on Thursday 19 May, for Burnley College students followed with a tour of the Iris Suite at the College.


Dementia affects hundreds of thousands of families every year and people struggle to deal with it, tutors at Burnley College want to help students who may have to deal with the difficulties faced when a loved one is suffering from the illness. Helen has had extensive experience dealing with people who are diagnosed with dementia and their families, therefore she is able to speak to students who are worried about the illness and answer any questions they have. 


The students were able to tour the Iris Suite at the College to gain an understanding about the different little things which will affect their loved ones, so they widen their knowledge surrounding Dementia. If you have any queries regarding the disease, please visit Helen Saunders in the HSD staffroom.

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