How to ace your next exam

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This amazing video was created by Thomas Frank, a personal tutor who wants everybody to be able to take exams confidently and get the grades they want.

His tips on how to perform at your very best in your next exam are some of the best we’ve ever seen!  Here’s a run-down of some of the best:

  • Write down everything that’s worrying you. Visualising what’s making you nervous will enable you to focus on easing that stress, but it might also help you to see that you really have nothing to worry about!
  • Brain-dump all the info you think you might need as soon as you can
  • Read all the questions before you start. Some of the questions later on in the paper might give you clues to the answers of earlier questions
  • Make a “cheat sheet”. You won’t actually use this to cheat, but it will help you to condense all the most important information you think you might need into one short summary. So much easier to remember!

All of these tips are explained in full by Thomas in the video below. He also gives some great advice on how to keep calm during tests and how to make sure your revision is working well for you rather than wasting your time. Take a look at the whole College Info Geek site while you’re there – it’s full of excellent resources you can use to make studying, revising and taking exams easier and more fun (well, almost.)


Source Url: http://www.burnley.ac.uk/how-to-ace-your-next-exam/
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