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 “I can’t wait to get home on Friday and get cracking on some revision” – Nobody ever.

Study season is upon us but unless the thought of new stationary, highlighter pens and plastic wallets gets you giddy (no judgements, new notebooks are one of life’s purest joys), it can seem like an extremely long slog towards the finish line.

You know it’s worth it. You know you can do it. Still, the pile of notes and textbooks heavy with post-it notes isn’t getting any more enticing and you know what they say; as soon as you start to read, somewhere out there a sock drawer needs sorting urgently.

Thankfully it’s 2016 and there are loads of apps out there to help ease the process. Your exams are important and so are your studies. That’s why these apps have been developed, to make these important months less stressful and to help you really achieve your potential. To help you reach your goals.

1.    Dragon Dictation

Had an idea in the café? Just realised you’ve cracked that difficult conclusion but you’re miles from a keyboard? Want to take notes in a guest lecture but you can’t write fast enough? Need to get some text down fast? Dragon Dictation might soon become your best friend.

Lightning quick and freakishly accurate, this app can turn your mumbled utterances into full text in the blink of an eye, freeing up your time to concentrate more on the content of your notes.

Another app you may like to look at is Dictadroid. Same idea but with more of an application to saving your notes - link it to your Dropbox accounts and you’ll have an instant store of your ideas synced directly where you want them. Easy.

2.    Exam Countdown

Exams are difficult to schedule and when you’re busy thinking about revising and anxious about doing well, it’s unnecessary and frankly inconvenient to have to stress about knowing what time and date your next exam is going to be.

Exam countdown is as simple as you need it to be, storing all your key exam and test dates in one place. Even better, you can colour code them as well. Who doesn’t love colour coding?

                                                                           exam countdown

Now that worry is out of your head, you’ll have much more space to concentrate on how great you’re doing, and how you’re going to ace every single one of those colourful exams.

3.    Evernote Penultimate

Evernote is a one-stop shop for your browsing, learning and note-taking needs but Penultimate is the perfect companion to anyone who prefers taking hand-written, doodle-covered notes.

But what can you do with those valuable bits of paper when they start falling out of old notebooks, getting destroyed in coffee spillage disasters or worse, left on the bus? Answer: You can digitise them.

Penultimate works best on an iPad using a stylus, because you’ll be writing and drawing freely within the app. The notes you scribble are synced seamlessly with Evernote into folders you choose and control, where you can search for them easily and intuitively. It’s like handwriting, only easier.

4.    Pocket



If you’re not into Evernote for storing your links and stories, Pocket may be the app you’ve been missing all your life.

It’s a simple app that stores articles, longreads and stories for later. Think for a minute how useful that is. No more will you be distracted into reading something immediately so you don’t forget to do it later. No more will articles you want to re-read be lost in the sprawling nonsense of your Twitter favourites. Pocket hangs on to things you want to read with the touch of an icon – much like the Pinterest “pin it” button – and saves them, so you can read them anywhere, wi-fi or no wi-fi.

(If you want to upgrade it even further to maximise your Pocket power, check out IFTTT’s recipes for automating Pocket. You can programme it to work with other apps you’re using to save information into your Pocket, or from Pocket to other apps like Twitter or Evernote. For more information visit IFTTT.com)


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