Advanced Students visit Protected Conservation Areas

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   Red Squirrels in Hawes, North Yorkshire

  A group of advanced students had the opportunity to visit two protected conservation areas in Hawes and Aysgarth to help Ian Court, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Wildlife Conservation Officer with the Squirrel and Dormouse Re-Introduction Programme. Students in woodland- Hawes


Students next to lake - Hawes

Students with Ian Court in Hawes, North Yorkshire

Students had to use ecology and data from the website provided by YDNPA to record any improvements in the squirrels’ numbers in the area. These squirrels’ have proven difficult to estimate the numbers in North Yorkshire, however the number of sightings has started to rise since records were started in the late 1990’s. DSC_5222   Students also looked at the number of Dormouse in North Yorkshire, in the past dormice were widespread in woodland across Britain but because of changes in Woodland Management, these figures have dropped drastically. In the past, there has been good evidence in reports stating dormice had become extinct. The work carried out by our Advanced Countryside Management students was alongside the National Dormouse Monitoring Program.   Lake and Countryside - Hawes

 Hawes, North Yorkshire

Burnley College students were the only people to be invited to the National Parks to learn about the programme and also to help record any sightings of the endangered animals. The problems surrounding these endangered species and the importance of working to protect them has recently been discussed on the popular TV programme, Countryfile, with Ian Court as a guest speaker on the show.   House and Countryside-Hawes

 Hawes, North Yorkshire

This was a fantastic opportunity for our students and just an example of one of the many great links between Burnley College and various Countryside employers.

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