A Level student Lily Fontaine becomes Little Voice in Muni production

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The play will be directed and performed by the Green Door Theatre Group, Colne, at the Muni on Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January.

Lily will play the part of "LV" on the 27 Jan.

Lily, 18 from Colne, is well known for her outstanding musical performances at prestigious events like the Burnley College Sixth Form Centre Awards for Excellence. A dedicated member of the Green Door Theatre Group, she has been rehearsing for months ahead of her big part as the lead role in Jim Cartwright’s “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice”. Little Voice

Lily performs in a reading as lead role “LV” opposite “Ray Say,” her characters’ talent manager

A demanding role, Lily will be acting and singing, using the mimicry and show-stopping talents that make her character “LV” such a success within the play. “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” is a huge favourite among theatre-goers and cinema fans alike, since Jane Horrocks, Ewan McGregor and Michael Caine starred in the unforgettable 1998 silver screen adaptation. A classic Northern tragic comedy by a well-renowned local playwright, it will no doubt bring fans from far and wide to the Muni. If you’d like to buy tickets to see Lily performing, visit The Muni online or call 01282 661234 to reach the Muni box office. Tickets are £8.50.

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