Thursday 13 August is A level results day, so relax!

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A Level Results Day is a big day for everyone, so how can you help yourself relax after all that build-up?

This time of year can be stressful for students and it's no wonder, considering years of hard work and dedication have been building up to those all-important, future-deciding results. It's hard sometimes to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, when all your focus has been on this one small date in your diary and the events and life changes you may make soon after it. It's important to remember though, that Thursday 13 August 2015 isn't just A Level results day. It's a chance to think about your options, to talk about your future and be honest about where you want to go in life. There aren't many times when you're given the opportunity to give yourself a massive pat on the back, so here's yours: YOU HAVE ALL DONE EXTREMELY WELL AND WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. Studying for your A Levels, AS Levels and Advanced Vocational courses is a journey and not always a straightforward one. It takes perseverance and courage to aim for your personal goals and you should be proud of yourselves for coming so far already! Now for the good stuff: The relaxation tips. The reason you clicked. Here are some of the best ways we can think of to help ease the stress and nervousness of the coming days leading up to A Level Results Day. (Note capitalisation to denote its importance.) If you can think of more tips, please send them to us on Twitter using the hashtag #MyBCsuccess

Be Prepared

We know you've worked hard to get the results you want, but it's always best to make sure you're ready for anything. That's why we recommend that you get both your Plan A and Plan B strategies sorted in time for results day to make sure you're organised and prepared for what comes next. Plan A: You passed! You got your grades! You're elated, you're thrilled and you're trying not to cry with happiness in your results day selfies. Now it's time, once you've finished celebrating, to make sure your next steps are secured. If you're going to university, make sure your Student Finance applications are all in order and that your accommodation is secured ready for your arrival. If you're planning to get to work straight away, think about how you'll gain some experience to help with your applications. Try volunteering, or an Advanced Apprenticeship. If you're about to set off on a gap year adventure - lucky you! Have a fantastic time and read about former Burnley College student Tabitha Deadman's experiences as a volunteer in Asia. Plan B: If your main plan was to progress to University but your grades were not at the level you had been aiming for, get yourself to Student Services as quickly as possible. Bring your UCAS number and passwords and if possible your own UCAS application (because we might need to talk through certain grades or details) and we'll look at how to help you proceed with the grades you did achieve. Now is not the time for panicking! Think about what you would be willing to compromise in order to continue your career path. Perhaps a university in a different location could offer you a place, or a slightly different course might be a better match for you. Maybe an Apprenticeship might help you get to where you want to be. Our Student Services and NCS teams can help you make your decisions, so don't feel that this is all on you once you get back home. Ask us for help. It's what we're here for.

Focus on the Positives

You've just completed a huge stage in your life. Take some time to congratulate yourself - you really, honestly deserve it. No matter what Thursday 13 August 2015 brings for you, remember that you've put your all into your work and achieved all that you can. You're about to start a new an exciting journey and even if you have no set plans for your future, having a positive mental attitude can really help bring out the best in any situation you come up against in the world outside College. Here are some great tips on how to work on your own postive mental attitude. If you're after more practical help with your choices or you're feeling like anxiety or stress is really getting you down, get in touch with us and our support teams can help you through.

Get Outside

There's plenty of fresh air out here in East Lancashire, and all of it is good for the soul. Get yourself outside and find a different perspective; you might even be able to encourage your friends to do the same thing. It's easy to get stuck in a routine, especially if you're working over the summer, but just a little bit of a change could soothe your nerves and help you feel a lot better. A list of short walks in East Lancashire A great resource for Accessible greenspaces and countryside in East Lancashire

Slow TV

Have you heard about Slow TV? It's a Scandinavian phenomenon that's catching on in the UK because of its relaxing effects and total lack of heartbeat-raising content. In an age of constant Netflix stimulation, niggling alerts from mobile gaming and the endless sound of your phone vibrating from inane group chat notifications, trust us, this "deliberately unhurried" format is a revelation. Content-wise, they sound extremely dull. A programme on BBC 4 recently detailed the two and a half hour journey of a canal barge in full, with no presenter and no backing music, just the sights and sounds of the canal, with the occasional unobtrusive fact or photographic look back in time at opportune moments. Strangely, once you get used to the slow pace, it becomes deeply relaxing and quite enjoyable! We won't wish you good luck because you've already done the hard work that will get you where you want to be! We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 13 August from 7am to pick up your results. Enjoy your week and relax!
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