Timelapse of Construction Bungalow shows off brand new facilities

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The Construction and Future Technologies Centre has welcomed a brand new building project for students in the form of a purpose-built bungalow.

Giving students the opportunity to use their construction training and skills to build a full-scale bungalow in the Construction and Future Technologies Centre from start to finish. The frame for the bungalow was delivered over the half-term period. Watch it being installed below. Students have now set to work building walls, plastering, taking care of the electrical installations and plumbing, installing PVC windows and finally will be decorating the interior and exterior walls, fitting doors, skirting boards and carpets and finishing the roof maintenance. The project is a fantastic boost to the Construction industry in the local area, as house building is on the rise and a skills gap in Construction trades has raised the need for more highly skilled people entering the workforce between now and 2020. Created and ordered with specifications from local industry experts from companies such as Speakmans, Calico and Boys, it is hoped that students studying within the facility will become some of the best prepared members of the workforce to deal with the sharp increase in construction workload in the area. For more information about Burnley College's Construction and Future Technologies Centre, visit the course home page.
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