10 things all teaching trainees should know

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Teaching remains one of the most popular career choices for young people in the UK, so we asked teacher trainer Louise Sells what all trainee teachers should know before they get stuck into their new career.

  1. You should know if teaching the right setting for you. It sounds obvious but you'll be interacting with children and/or young people all day, every day. Be ready for that!
  2. You need to know if you have the right temperament and manner to work with children or young people. It takes a lot of patience and emotional strength.
  3. You also need to know if you have a vision and desire to teach or support our children or young people throughout our education system.
  4. You should know that teaching includes inspiring children and young people by sharing your knowledge and positive life experiences.
  5. You need to know if you're willing to dedicate your time consistently.
  6. Whilst it can be a rewarding role it's might not always be. Children and young people may not necessarily appreciate and thank you for all the planning and work you have put into lessons outside of the classroom, so be prepared for this.
  7. You need to be willing to take responsibility for the education of our children and young people and support them in their development and nurturing of becoming well rounded human beings in society.
  8. It may not always be easy and you should be prepared and ready for challenges. No child is the same; we need to use our skills to reach our children and young people.
  9. Becoming a teacher isn't just a career in its own right, it can create and open doors to a host of opportunities to develop your professional career in for example: leadership, specialist roles, or becoming a champion of a particular subject/topic.
  10. You should know, finally, that if you become part of the education system in this country it's a highly looked upon occupation and you will feel proud and honoured every day to be part of such an important role supporting your community, children and country.
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