Louise's University Journey to Becoming a Paramedic

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Louise's University Journey to Becoming a Paramedic

Name: Louise Meloy

Age: 29

Studied: Foundation Entry Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy

From: Burnley

Formerly: GCSE Maths, GCSE English at Burnley College.


Louise Meloy always knew she had more to give, so after a successful completion of a Foundation Entry Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy at University Courses Burnley, she embarked on a 3 year degree course in Paramedic Practise to reach her dream goal of being a paramedic.  

Working in the care sector gaining valuable work experience meant Louise could combine her studies as an Adult learner with work and step onto the first steps of her dream career. Her time at University Courses Burnley fully prepared her for degree-level study and she truly valued the support from her new network of friends as she juggled classes with family life. Now Louise is working on emergency vehicles alongside experienced paramedics, attending lectures and putting her new clinical skills into practice. She’s an advocate of grabbing opportunities when they present themselves, of taking her future into her own hands and of never looking back. And it’s thanks to the flexibility of the courses at University Courses Burnley fitting in with her busy schedule that Louise is well on her way to success. 

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