See why Lucy Pickup loves volunteering (and why you should too)

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Lucy Pickup has been volunteering at her local Guide Unit since she was four years old!

volunteering Starting as a Rainbow Guide, when she came of age to become a leader, Advanced Health and Social Care student Lucy took the opportunity straight away, returning to the Brownie Guide Unit. But why has Lucy devoted so much time to the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides? "I wanted to give back, to other girls, the opportunities what I received as a Brownie." she says. "Volunteering at Brownies gives me the chance to help girls to develop emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so that they can become strong independent women. I give the girls the chance to experience things they would not get the opportunity to experience otherwise. I am able to see my unit develop into a family with every girl being accepted." Currently, Lucy volunteers at her local Brownie Unit as a Brownie Guide Leader in Training. "I have volunteered at this group for over three years. I have the responsibility of looking after girls aged between 7 and 10 years of age and help to build their confidence and give them the chance to discover their full potential through a wide range of activities."

 What can volunteering do for you?

Thanks to her keen interest in volunteering, Lucy has been offered a place at the University of Manchester to study Paediatric Nursing, a very competitive degree course. She believes that the competition is such on a course like hers that outstanding grades aren't enough. To set herself apart from other applicants Lucy was able to share her experiences as a volunteer, proving that her varied skills have been put into practice in many different ways. Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to learn brand new skills and share ideas with people you may not normally interact with. Another fact that people often forget when talking about volunteering is that it's fun!
  • Volunteer in a sector that interests you - from outdoor work to care, you choose where you want to be
  • Learn fantastic new skills - from beekeeping and conservation to sign language and teaching, the world opens up when you learn as an Apprentice
  • Boost your Personal Statement - put your best self forward to Universities and employers
  • Meet amazing new people
  • Discover new passions and hobbies
  • Use your free time to do something worthwhile - in your community, nationally or even globally
  • Find out more about yourself
#BCvolunteer week hopes to show that volunteering is much more than giving up a day a week to put something new on your CV. Why not come to Student Services and talk to our volunteers team about what you'd love to do?
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