Lancashire Day 2019: Lancashire’s Legacy and Burnley College

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Lancashire Day 2019: Lancashire’s Legacy and Burnley College

Held annually on 27 November, Lancashire Day commemorates the 1295 day when Lancashire first sent elected representatives to Parliament at the request of Kind Edward I to attend what later become known as ‘The Model Parliament’, also known as a ‘Mock Parliament’.

Lancashire Day was first celebrated in 1996 - 701 years after the event it pays tribute to.

Burnley College is proud to serve the community of our town and county, providing both the future and current generations of Lancashire with the education, training, support and inspiration they need achieve great things for themselves, their communities and their county.


Lancashire’s Legacy

Lancashire is a county that has always broken records, produced innovators and defied expectations. Established in 1182, Lancashire - one of the smallest shire counties in the country - is home to many record-breaking places, from the largest town in Britain (Bolton) to England’s smallest town (Bashall Town), and one of England’s newest cities (Preston). The county is also home to the Forest of Bowland, the first protected area in England to be awarded European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, and one of only 30 other protected areas across Europe.

It’s not just our places that are impressive, but how we get there. Lancashire is a leader in the engineering and aerospace sectors, but the county’s links to travel extend back to the industrial revolution, a pivotal time for Lancashire and Burnley. Not only does Lancaster Canal boast the largest lock-free stretch of man-made water in the country, but the first passenger railways opened in Lancashire in 1830, and Blackpool’s Squire’s Gate was the UK’s first airport.

Lancashire’s history has played an important part on the county’s present and future, and whilst many may know Lancashire for the 1612 Pendle Witch Trials – the UK’s most famous witch hunt – it’s the county’s thriving cotton milling during the industrial revolution that has had the most global impact to date. By the 1830s Lancashire processed approximately 85% of all cotton manufactured worldwide, with Burnley being the largest producer of cotton cloth globally by 1866.


A Town to be Proud Of

Burnley’s name is derived from ‘Brun Lea’, meaning “meadow by the River Brun”. Producing water power to drive the machinery of the town’s cotton mills, the River Brun and the town’s plethora of rivers and canal waterways was a key factor in making Industrial Revolution-era Burnley a cotton milling leader in the industry, coupled with the town’s traditionally Lancastrian displays of resilience. The Cotton Famine that impacted the trade from 1861 to 1865 almost devastated the town, but only a year after the end of the Famine, Burnley became the largest worldwide cotton cloth producer. This achievement was not the first time Burnley had proven itself resilient and enterprising, as during the medieval era, Burnley, then a market town, held a market for an impressive 700 years.

More recently, Burnley was named ‘Britain’s Most Enterprising Town’ in 2013, ‘Best Place to Make a Living’ and ‘Friendliest Town in Britain’ in 2016 as well as being recognised as the 2nd most successful UK town for digital jobs growth in the same year, and was identified by Tech Nation as one of the UK’s top Tech Towns helping the UK’s digital and tech economy outpace the wider EU in just 2018.


Burnley College

“As an education provider, Burnley College has a proud tradition of empowering the people of Lancashire through learning and skills development and playing an active role in ensuring the county is at the cutting edge of industry.

Our staff are experts in their field, passionate about sharing their skills and fiercely proud of being at the forefront of education in Lancashire.”

  • Karen Buchanan

Burnley College Principal


As our staff, governors and, most importantly, students can testify, Burnley College cares. We care about our students, their future and the opportunities awaiting them when they complete their education.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are equipped for their bright futures, with the education, skills and confidence to achieve all of their future career and personal goals. This dedication extends beyond providing support and education, and includes also strong involvement in the local community, where our students spend their free time and will seek support, advice, employment and more once they leave Burnley College. At Burnley College, we want to empower our students to be ambassadors for positive change, unafraid to voice their ideas. We encourage them to be proud of where they come from and to engage with their community to enact these changes.


The College’s accomplishments include:

  • 3,000+ learners
  • £100 million campus
  • Top 10 college in every national league table
  • Ofsted ‘Outstanding’
  • 500+ staff members
  • Largest range of A Level courses in county at 39
  • Offers Vocational courses, Themis Apprenticeships, Adult Learning, University level courses through University Courses Burnley and commercial training courses
  • Elite athlete programme, featuring Olympic and Commonwealth young athletes from across the county
  • 99.8% A Level pass rate
  • 100% Vocational pas rate for the last 16 years
  • 92% of A Level students achieved at least one A*-C Grade.
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