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Innovative Skills Academies, founded by Themis, the Apprenticeship and Business Training Provider arm of Burnley College, are filling vital skills gaps and business development needs in industries across East Lancashire.

That's the message that has featured in the latest edition of Backchat, an industry specific magazine highlighting key issues within the logistics and passenger transport sector. 

With a training model anchored on the diverse needs of Employers in a variety of industries that struggle to recruit staff with the skills, knowledge and work ethic needed to succeed, the Themis Skills Academies are revolutionising the way training is delivered.

Motivated individuals seeking a career change or keen to return to employment after a break are equipped to secure permanent roles with leading local Employers, with the confidence, basic skills and understanding of how they can play a part in the region’s industrial success story.

Launched two years ago with the successful Textile Academy, which trains sewing machinists to secure the growth of the area’s thriving furniture sector, there are now Skills Academies for Manufacturing and Warehousing, as well as Upholstery and Tiling/Plastering. Each Academy runs along similar lines, in close liaison with Employers, to ensure future employees fit seamlessly into the workforce and make an impact immediately.

At the end of each eight-week Skills Academy programme, Employers can be confident that their new recruits have:

  • The basic skills needed in their specific sector
  • Practical experience and knowledge that meets their particular requirements
  • A sound knowledge of Health and Safety in relation to their sector
  • A good time-keeping record
  • The commitment and enthusiasm to see their business succeed.

Simon Jordan, Chief Executive of Themis, said: “Themis is proud to be playing its part in the ensuring the success of the region’s business community by providing the vital skills needed in industry.

“It’s a win-win situation: Employers recruit expertly-trained individuals with the skills, knowledge and commitment to succeed and those seeking a fresh start in a new career are provided with the experience and opportunities they need to step into employment.

“Our Skills Academies are growing each year and are constantly evolving through the input of Employers. Together, Themis and Employers are driving the training agenda and creating the skilled and motivated workforce of the future.”


Warehousing is a vital operation in a wide variety of sectors, requiring a workforce with both skills and motivation. The Warehousing Academy is training individuals as warehousing specialists, with the adaptable skills and knowledge to succeed in diverse warehousing environments.

The training programme is led by highly-experienced experts who have led warehouse functions for national Employers across the UK.

Academy recruits gain two nationally-recognised qualifications in warehousing and employability, as well as a Fork Lift Truck Licence.


Finding individuals with manufacturing skills and a great work ethic can often be a challenge for Employers and involves a lengthy recruitment process. The Manufacturing Academy is solving these problems by training individuals in the key skills that will make them invaluable members of the workforce.

Experts with extensive experience in managing manufacturing operations for a range of national Employers train Manufacturing Academy recruits in the essential skills they need.

Academy recruits gain two nationally-recognised qualifications on the programme and are equipped with the skills to join an existing team – or form the bedrock of a new team - manufacturing goods, following specifications, carrying out quality control checks, completing paperwork and keen to develop their skills still further.

Themis Skills Academies are based at the £100 million Burnley College Campus, in the heart of Burnley, and within a bespoke industry training facility on Vision Park, in Whittle Way, opposite the College.

Want to find out more? View our industry-standard facilities, talk to our Trainers and professional Themis team, who are committed to providing you, as an Employer, with the skilled and motivated individuals you need to fill skill gaps within your sector.


Contact Chantelle Allen on c.allen@burnley.ac.uk or call on 01282 733547.



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