Themis Apprentices: How to find your ideal Employer

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Themis Apprentices: How to find your ideal Employer

Finding the ideal Employer is the first step a Themis Apprentice can take towards becoming a #futureboss.

Your Employer should:

  • Be in a sector or industry that excites you
  • Have a good reputation and the equipment or facilities to help you secure success
  • Be able to offer you great opportunities for career progression
  • Be a size you are comfortable with. Some Apprentices prefer an Employer with a large workforce and others a smaller, family firm
  • Be sasily accessible, it's important you can get there on time by whatever means you choose.

The five steps you can take to find the ideal Employer:

  • Do your research - Search online to find Employers that match your requirements, you can take a look at our Live Vacancies on our website - www.burnley.ac.uk/Themis-Apprenticeships. You can also ask family and friends to recommend potential Employers they know.
  • Make an Impression - Contact a prospective Employer and ask for work experience. It's a great way to introduce yourself and show your enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Network - Visit Careers Events, such as our Themis Apprenticeship Careers Event, to meet potential Employers; get to know more about them and the opportunities available - remember to take your CV.
  • Send off a CV and inquire about Apprenticeship opportunities - Ensure your CV reflects all your knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Contact the Themis Team - Our expert advisors have a wealth of recruitment knowledge and experience to help you find the ideal Employer and ensure you have the interview and presentation skills alongside an impressive CV.



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