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This award recognises the current Science Laboratory or Pharmacy Apprentice of any level – or individual who has completed their Apprenticeship programme within the last 12 months – whose passion for their chosen specialism has been instrumental in the success of their Employer’s business.

It could be through their innovative work which has led to as significant discovery or breakthrough for their Employer or their own personal development within their role, which has made them an invaluable member of the workforce. 

The award recognises the ambitious individual who epitomises professionalism and is constantly striving to find better processes and innovations which will benefit their Employer. The winner will be an individual who is prepared to go that extra mile in their role and whose passion for science is infectious. They will be a true ambassador for science and be able to show the impact their role has on their Employer’s business or the lives of individuals.

Judges are looking for a passionate and dynamic individual whose importance to their Employer is firmly established and who is a vital member of the team. The winner will be an individual who combines excellent skills with a true thirst for knowledge and a real love of their specialism. They will be a confident individual with strong communication skills, flexibility and a proven track record of completing projects effectively and taking responsibility when needed. The winner will be as comfortable in the science lab as on the shopfloor or in a customer-facing role and be a true ambassador for their sector. They are a true advocate for Science and are committed to their own career development.

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