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This award recognises the current Themis Business/HR/Accountancy/Management Apprentice of any level – or individual who has completed their Apprenticeship programme within the last 12 months - who is making an impact in the world of business and has proved they have what it takes to be a #FutureBoss.

The award is designed to acknowledge the Apprentice who has proved to be a vital member of the workforce for their Employer, who has shown an entrepreneurial spirit or played a key role in projects vital for new business or product development. It is presented to the individual who has worked tirelessly to develop the skills and knowledge their Employer needs and has a clear ideas of their future career path and the necessary experience they will need to reach their goals.

Judges will be looking for an individual who has shown both commitment and discipline in their workplace, alongside the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of business. The winner will be a forward-thinker who is methodical and organised yet receptive to new ideas and willing to push themselves to step outside their comfort zone to solve problems and create opportunities. They will be an excellent communicator with the self confidence to engage with customers, colleagues and senior managers alike. Their skills and knowledge will be second to none, alongside their reliability, time keeping and enthusiasm, making them the perfect role model for other Apprentices and an effective and inspirational #FutureBoss.

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