BEST OF THE BEST: Digital Drive Award

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BEST OF THE BEST: Digital Drive Award

Representing drive, disruption and diversity, this award is designed to endorse the power and proficiency of the individual it is presented to.

The winner will demonstrate their genuine zest for success by proving their talent and skill using a range of Digital disciplines in the workplace; confirming their ambition to create an impact in the Industry

Judges will be looking for an individual who can balance the creativity and organisational skills needed by the Digital pioneers of tomorrow. The winner will be an individual who has fully engaged with the Project Digital programme and has taken their skills and knowledge into the workplace to make a real difference to their Employer’s business.

The winner will be innovative and enthusiastic; will be able to think outside the box and apply their skills to a variety of digital projects as required. They will be a great communicator, able to explain their concepts to a diverse audience and make the complex simple. They will be passionate about the Digital industry and have a clear vision of the role they will play in its future.

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